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Adile Sultan Palace

The Adile Sultan Palace, as one of most selective event venues of Istanbul, offers exclusive services for all kinds of receptions; weddings, parties and conferences, with its splendid halls featuring high gold leaf ceilings and reflecting the historical ambience, and the gardens, with their magnificent Bosphorus views. By combining a vast selection of the Palace’s rich cuisine with the unequalled and distinctive flavours of modern cuisine, very personalized options can be provided for your meetings and receptions.

Adile Sultan was the daughter of the thirtieth Ottaman Sultan, Mahmud the Second. Sultan Abdulmecid wanted to give the mansion, which he had bought in 1856, to his beloved sister, Adile Sultan, to use as a summer residence.

The dazzling Oval Hall with its renovated historic ambience, gold leaf worked ceilings, its pillared and imposing architecture, where Adile Sultan Palace hosts prestigious reception, is Istanbul’s inforgettable and most prominent event venue. From a 500 person feast plan in the Oval Hall, to a 600 seated theatre plan, you can create exclusive and memorable occasions to celebrate a wide range of prestigious activities. You can hold company seminars, anniversaries, weddings, barmitzvahs, graduations, fashion shows, cocktail parties, lunch, dinner or gala meals, with a selection of splendid flavours and exciting menu choices featured by the Borsa Restaurant. The palace has 19 rooms, 6 at the ground floor and 13 at the first floor, which are available for special meetings for 5 to 50 participants and can also function as parallel session rooms accompanying the Oval Hall.

The Gardens
The Palace gardens are formed on two levels where 1,500 people can be accommodated. Our guests can view the Bosphorus in the immediate vicinity and can experience being completely at one with nature between the two Bosphorus bridges. In the same aspect as the Palace gardens, overlooking Istanbul, a private outdoor facility, with a water lily pool is the Heaven Garden, offering our guests to enjoy our services in an unequalled palace garden for up to 150 people standing or 50 people seated.

The Kandilli Borsa Restaurant confortably accomodates 120 seats, also offers 25 persons VIP room dedicated for exclusive groups along with a bar & lounge section.

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