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The Taurus Mountains

Water is the main source of life in the Taurus Mountains, which stretch for close to 2,000 kilometers from the Bay of Gökova to the Syrian border. And the force that carved out deep canyons like the Precipice of Güver near Antalya is none other than one of those magical drops.

Issuing from gelid sources high in the mountains, which soar up to 4,000 meters in altitude, spring waters cascade down sheer slopes straight into the Mediterranean. Fed by rich waterborne minerals, rare species of plants and animals paint nature in a thousand colors.

Arising from numerous sources, the waters occasionally merge into fast-flowing rivers, only to disappear again underground after rushing along for a few kilometers. The droplets meanwhile play hide-and-seek with the sunlight, forever forming mysterious caves.

Crystalizing in winter, the drops ice the summits white when the temperature falls below zero. Churning up rivers in spring, the melting snows energize nature. Rainfall increases in autumn, while in summer the waters recede.

Beyond creating a stunning landscape, Yerköprü Falls southwest of Karaman are also transformed into an energy resource. .And before reaching the Mediterranean their waters mingle with those of the river to give us the Göksu Delta.

There is a vibrant underwater world in the Taurus that we almost never see. Like curious children of nature, water lilies lift their heads from the riverbeds to the towering peaks and skies above. Further testimony to water’s life-giving force is in clear evidence along the river banks.

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