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City Lights

  • The Taurus Mountains

    Water is the main source of life in theTaurus Mountains, which stretch for close to 2,000 kilometers from the Bay of Gökova to the Syrian border. And the force that carved out deep canyons like the Precipice of Güver near Antalya is none...
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  • Miracle in Divrigi

    The unique stone-carved ornaments seen on the two great portals (the kiblah or the northern entrance of the mosque, and the hospital gate) are the features that determine the universal artistic status of the mosque and hospital. The three-dimensio...
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  • Mardins Gift to History

    It was an ordinary autumn day. An infrastructure project was under way in the village of Sürekli in Kızıltepe township of Mardin province. Everything was proceeding normally. Earth moving equipment was busy excavating the road to the village,...
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