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Meeting & Events Places

  • Cemile Sultan Korusu

    Description and Location Cemile Sultan Korusu, named after the daughter of the Ottoman Sultan Abdülmecid, is an ideal setting for day- and night-time functions with its combination of history and nature and its view over the bosphorus. Prin...
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  • Beylerbeyi Palace

    Beylerbeyi, formerly known as istavroz (crucifix), dates back, along with its environs, to the Byzantine era. Famous for its gardens, the region attracted the attention of the Ottoman Sultans, who created here, throughout the centuries, the most f...
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  • Adile Sultan Palace

    The Adile Sultan Palace, as one of most selective event venues of Istanbul, offers exclusive services for all kinds of receptions; weddings, parties and conferences, with its splendid halls featuring high gold leaf ceilings and reflecting the hist...
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